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Best Tyres for a Williams

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Hey Clio Folks,

Unfotunately my Williams has developed a slow puncture on a rear tyre, which has left me with the problem of replacing it.
As the other 1 is fairly well used I will probably be replacing both.
The dilemma I therefore have is which tyres to buy and do I swap the fronts with the rears to maintain even ware?
The list below is of all 195/45/15s I was quoted for in the Plymouth area:
County Tyres £65 Dunlop
£55 Firestone
£75 Goodyear
£45 Budget
Bee-Sure £44 Marshall
Bathwick £41.18 Budget
£55 Firestone
Protyre £43.70 Cumo
£44 Falcon
Kwik-Fit £57 Champiro
Tyresmiths £46.95 Budget
£56 Yokohama

Which brand do you Clio enthusiasts have experience with and recommend?
The Protyre man highly recommended the Cumo’s, while the Yokohams are apparently both “very grippy and durable”.
The brief I have is to for maximum grip and endurance per pound as I’m fairly skint but don't want to sacrifice the true Williams experience.

Thanks for any advice.
Maybe better off getting them from and getting a mate to fit them or you can probably find a garage to fit em for £5 a corner! Most garages rip you off by a mile.
I'd go for Toyo Proxies. But check your size, you should really be running 185/55/15's, although many people go to 195/50/15's as they're a little cheaper.

Have a look on Can't normally beat them on price, but add in about £10 a tyre to get them fitted locally


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yer mytyres are very good.....

depends how standard you want to keep the williams....i personally would go for some 195/50/r15's as they are cheaper mate

also look at goodyear f1's they are very good
Michelin Pilot Exalto 2's imo, get them from Costco or

Ran A539's on my Williams and they were good in the dry, 'ok' in the wet, but main gripe was they lasted about 4k miles total... not good.
Best tyres I've ever had were a set of BF Goodrich Profilers. LOADS of grip and they lasted forever. In fact, I still have them on the rear but had to replace the fronts with Pirrelli P6000s which are no where near as good.

The only reason I didnt by more BF Goodrich again is only one place around here does them (they seem to be rare) and last time I took my car there they were revving the b0llocks off it on the ramp and I had a big arguement with them as they didnt realise I was watching, lol!
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I ran Yoko A539s on my clio 1.4, awsome tyre, more grip in the wet than in the dry.

Don't do too many wheel spins tho, soft compound wears down quickly.. I did 5 laps on the Bruntingthorp race track at FCS last year and scrubbed a few mm off them.

A good compromise would be Michelin.. still best tyre you can buy, i mean.. Michelin won the F1 champ last season ;)
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michy PE2s in 195/50/15. improved turn in, great grip wet or dry, last quite well and they not overly expensive. cheap tyres arent even worth puttin on imo. they the only thing thats keepin u on the road after all.
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Thanks for the advice.

I scouted around online but worked out that with a speeding up puncture (need inflating every other journey) the saving of a few quid isn’t worth the hassle and cost of waiting for internet tyres to be delivered and experiencing a complete flat on the way to work at 5.30am.
Changing to 95/45/15s or 85/55/15s can’t happen either, as that will require replacing 4 tyres and I only need and can afford 2 so I will be sticking with 195/45/15s.

A pal of mine recommended I visit a different garage who quoted me £52 per Toyo. The gent in the garage said they were similar quality to the Yokahamas but a wee bit more durable.
As I will probably be getting the new rubber tomorrow which is better, Yoko or Toyo?

Michelins are out of budget or not stocked according to all highstreet tyre dealers I’ve contacted.

Thanks again for all the help!
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195/45/15 seem a drastic tyre choice as standard is 185/55/15. Most go down 1 profile ie 195/50/15 as more tyres are available and are cheaper. 195/45/15 is dropping down two profiles so would expect a much harder ride.

You may get away with 195/50/15 if on same axle as thought it was OK to have different profiles on different axles. BMW often have wider rears than fronts.

In 195/50/15 you will get more choice and best VFM as it is a popular size.

Eagle F1 £35.30 from Mytyres. These were £30 not long back. And normally fitted at places for less than £50 if you cannot wait for internet delivery.