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biggest wheels that will go on a 172

  Lionel Richie

Best bet for power mods in PiperX Viper (£200-£250) Exhaust of some descripton (K-tec is popular and sounds amazing £275 i think) and finally a Superchip remap (£350)

Roamer has all of the above (k-tec exhaust) and just had his Rolling Roaded at 184bhp

K-tec have 18inch wheels on their 172 (all the boring people on here will tell you that 18s are crap cos they knacker acceleration and hadling and blah de blah, but i say sod it and wack on those big rims!!!!)

BTW you can always wack on NOS!!!!

hehehe yeah, you and youre big wheels fred LOL

Yeah, power wise, a good exhaust (Magnex or even a k-tec perhaps? ;)) a viper, and a custom remapping does the world of good, my fuel economy has gone up (getting about 2-3 mpg more now on normal driving) but the power when booting it is great :D

My new goal is to get 200bhp+ by april....... without Nitrous that is....... then have a look at a good nitrous setup perhaps, get 50bhp kit on there.... oh dear - nurse! the pills!