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Bought a ph1 172

  ph1 172
I used to own a 1991 valver which became a black hole for my money. I decided that if i was going to own a black hole, it should be a newer, safer, faster and more comfortable one.

Last week I bought a ph1 172, X reg, 63k miles, cambelt done 18 months ago, passed MOT 2 weeks ago. The interior looks brand new and the exterior is amazing for an 8 year old car. Also had 4 Brand new Conti Contact2's.

All for £2400.

  ph1 172
it might just be in the most common ph1 colour....

no pics yet, i dont own a good enough camera!

Its completely 100% standard too, which was quite rare when i was looking. Needed to be really for insurance.
  ph1 172
the silver paintwork is easier to keep looking good.

No crazy effort needed like with the black cars
  ph1 172
i was a member but it expired months ago and now ive got a new Clio im really really skint!