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Brilliant prize - Feck all chance of winning though!

Firstly - Brilliant prize on the front page.. well done to whoever sorted the deal with Renualt for the Clio Cup day. A prize money cant buy!

But IMHO the criteria for winning is daft. 99% of us have average clios - bar alloys and lowering, whilst a select few have done much much more. You only have to have a butchers in the Gallery. So by my reconing theres bugger all point me and pretty much everyone else entering.

At least everyone could get involved with the caption competition - regardless of how much money they could spend tricking up their motor.

i dont even want to tart up my clio@

can i send in pics of all the clios and clio V6s that we have modified here! hehe

10 quid for the picture of your choice anybody!!

Matt, Im not the judge but in my opinion wheels and lowering are two of few external I would amke on a car. Simple mind and all that.

I will be having a go with a very shiny 16v, gleaming leather and my spangly new coilovers

  honda accord 2.4 type s

Halfords have just reduced their prices on "go-faster" stripes if anybody wants them

A couple of good ideas there fellas!

Anyway Ive spat my dummy out and booked my own tickets for it.. Donnington is only round the corner from me and it sounds like a top day out with the BTTC races, Porche Cup etc.

If I see the Cliosport winner there dont expect me to talk to you. I can be a very bitter man!


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Im going to enter as well. You just dont know what the judge thinks is a good car so its worth a punt!


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

A guy from RenaultSport is judging it who doesnt even know who I am (credit goes to kis for organising this one!).

Dash, go for it matey!

Im going to try and buy tickets for the event anyway, was a laugh last year!

Matt - it is another external thing like the palmersport day judged by Renault themselves. I reckon as the winners car will be displayed by Renault that a nice set of wheels on a clean car stands a chance of winning. Give it a go you might win and then you wont be able to talk to yourself all day



  Shiny red R32

Jas, did you notice that Mel put in another appearance earlier today? Two days on the trot!!


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Yeah, dont worry, Ive stopped all that nonsense now.

I think shes showing early signs of forum addiction...