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Broken Cup :(

I think my car might be broken but im not really too sure?

Its been pulling a lot when under any sort of acceleration but to no particular side. Its always been a case of hold on tight when I plant the right foot but I assumed that was torque steer although I wasnt sure? Just over the last few days its seemed really bad. Ive had the tracking checked and they said its ok but it feels like a wheels going to fall off!

I do drive at light speed to every place I visit so im wondering if Ive worn something? The steering also feels very light?

Sorry if this is really vague but im no mechanic and maybe Im juts being paranoid?

Have anyone else suffered from this?


  2012 WRX Waggon

when i boot my 172, you gotta hang on to that wheel for dear life, it tracks all over the road - its all part of the fun of owning one for me.
  996 Carrera

Unless the road is perfectly even I get the same wonkiness. Very scary when its pulling into the next lane during traffic GPs!

Would this improve with 17s on?

I have had the same problem with mine.

Took it to the garage and they said a bolt had snapped on the auto tensioner for the PAS belt.

Had it replaced and a new belt. Much better now but it squeels on startup if its a bit damp so its goin back in again on the 5th Feb.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Quote: Originally posted by monkeymagic on 17 January 2003

Unless the road is perfectly even I get the same wonkiness. Very scary when its pulling into the next lane during traffic GPs!

Would this improve with 17s on?
Chances are it will get worse if you go with bigger wheels.

Dunno if it would mike... part of the reason the mkII had 16" wheels was to reduce some of the torque steer. I would like to know someone with 17s to see if it was any better
  CTR EK9 turbo

Mine torque steers all over the place like a pit bull terrior on a leash. Especially when the tyres are worn down or the road surface is dodgy. I demonstrated torque steer to my friend by flooring it doing no hands, the steering wheel span around to the left quicker than i could even think of turning it!! i had to jump forward to grab it haha.

Mine torque steers, all part the fun!

I do make sure the wheels are straight before complely booting it though! 17" may lesson the torque steer but it would increase bump steer I would think and it may lose some of its smoothness on the right roads. Also, renaultsport spent a while developing the Cup and its suspension mods etc are designed around 16" reason enough for me to stick with them.


checked it all over the weekend and still wasnt happy so its been into Renault this morning. Seems that because a tyre blew after 4 days and I had a pirelli put on instead of a Conti ( I hate Contis! ) that it was causing one tyre to grip more than the other meaning that although Im well aware it torque steers something rotten it was even worse than normal! New Conti on and away I went.

Still given it a good thrash this morning and its back to normal!

bloody car...


  Audi TT Stronic

which one was gripping more ? the contis or the pirrelli, cause some people say the contis are crap, others that they are brill ?

It was definately the pirelli. The contis only had 4 days more life but the difference between the two tyres was frightening. In my eyes thats all the proof I needed that Contis are pants!
  Clio 197


You should have told us about the mixed tyres! If, in an emergency, you had to fit an odd tyre, you should have put it on the rear.
  R5 Gordini Turbo

It gets worse as the tyres wear down. I am getting very close to the limit with mine, and I am having to hold on even when I am not giving it some beans.