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BTCC Knockhill 2006

  Tweaked Leon Cupra R
too many t post up so ave a look here: Knockhill 2006

and ma favourite: oh look, it's an astra getting towed! :lol:
  Tweaked Leon Cupra R
not bad for a pocket sized digi cam..
we were playing with the settings on it so some are better than others.. we wanted a good one of the cow porka.. i.e. the wiseman dairies one!
  Leon Cupra R 225
nice piccies. love btcc, always go to brands hatch as its my local. awesome day out come rain or shine.
  Tweaked Leon Cupra R
tommyboy said:
p.s lol at the astra getting towed haha

it's great eh!!

there was a Clio Cup car for sale, it was cool as fu(k. stripped out and had all the electrics to the right of the steering wheel n that! minted! 11k for a track toy though.. :(