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Bye Bye Renault.

Hi just saying bye bye to Renault ownership In most part it has been a great experience but the build quality needs improvement Ive part exchanged my car for a Astra Coupe Turbo with tuning and body styling in mind Have test driven it and its a rapid car with a different way of deliverying the power The handling on the Astra Coupe is a lot better than the old vauxhalls I have driven but is not as good as the Clio Hope to pick up my new baby soon



P.S My turbo kit for the Clio 172 is still for sale


  Shiny red R32

All Vauxhalls are spoiled by that hideous silver --V-- thing on the front grille! We had a couple of V6 Calibras until that front changed!

Dror my email is

The grill will be replaced sometime down the line Ill be hanging around these parts , and lots of other forums.

  Silver Fabia vRS

I test drove an Astra Coupe Turbo round Milbrook last year, very rapid car but possibly not quite as quick as my 172 but close. Hope you enjoy it and Im sure with a chip they can go much quicker than a 172.

Cheers Geoff I was thinking phase 2 EDS chip with new intercooler later next year 250 Bhp, 290 Ft/Ib torque The chip is pretty cool as in EDS has access to all points in the ECU allowing them to change fuel and boost maps to how they want and change the traction control so that it doesnt come in as quick It wont be as quick as a Clio Turbo but I dont have to mess about with installing a turbo to my car


  VW Transporter 174

"Im sure with a chip they can go much quicker than a 172. "

The chassis cant cope with the power its got so why anyone would want to chip one is beyond me,remember driveability is the key on the road.

This is a backwards step from a 172 me thinks!

172 Slayer