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Bye Clio

its going...4 a CTR ohh well its served well. The residuals of the CTR is much stronger iam losing too much money on the REn. If only ren did what they said when i bought it and kept it to a certain number but they brought out mk2s now CUps. PLus its feeling a little loose, were the Honda is bomb proof. Maybe the next clio will bring me back dunno though. PLus the bits from hks and blitz r tempting
  CTR EK9 turbo

Your clios got more torque and is lighter than the ctr (standard) tho. The CTR is a very impressive car tho. Responds VERY well to mods too!

Some 1 told me an induction kit can get you 14bhp, the clio has slightly more torque. its done 28000 now though the CTR has only 5000 the build of them is very good too
  CTR EK9 turbo

True, but they are built in Swindon (i think). Have you looked on the R forum? many have similar problems with us would you believe! I guess new cars are just getting cheaper and more frail. A few have rejected their cars etc. have a read - im not sure what is the address is, do a search on this forum for it.....

I have been on the CTR forum and i havent heard them complain about their cars nearly as much as u guys have, especially when it comes to rattles ...but in the odd case where they have, they have always come back to say how good the dealer was in fixing the problem immediately ...and i dont think i have to comment on the renault dealers ..... as far as residuals are concerned the CTR is still quite solid...2nd hand in autotrader are still 15k .. and it will apparantly hold 80/85% of its value in 3 years time !! in terms of modding i personally think the clio will react better for the only reason that it is lighter ... buts lets face it u wouldnt want to touch that VTEC engine anyway !!! its performance is unreal ...and unmatchable ...


  Shiny red R32

Jock_071279, there are probably more complaints about Clios because far more of them have been sold than the CTR! So percentage wise it is pretty obvious that there will be a higher number of complaints!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

o come on, its a Renault, you cant argue that the Honda will have just as many faults because it wont

simple as that, there built far better than any Renault, admit it

renault salesmen can admit that honda have better build quality than them .. u cant argue with that !!! but to tell the truth build qaulity is not the reason why we buy the 172 is it ? ?

theres no way u can justify the 172 having better build qaulity than the CTR, regardless of many 172s Vs CTRs there are on the road!