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Calling all ICE Gurus


ClioSport Club Member

Ive been offered a rather nice pioneer screen rather cheap and i have a few questions!

Now the screen is a Pioneer AVX-7000 - Any good? Looks ok!

Also with that i get a Pioneer AVM-P7000R - which is a hideaway AV system master. Now what the hell is that and what does it do?

Right now what i want this for is so i can set up my PS2 in my car so i can play if i get bored and also play DVDs. Now by the looks of thigs i shouldnt have a problem doing this as that AV thing looks like it may take the scart leads ect Now what do you do/use to power the PS?
  Rb 182

Think the best way would be to use a power in-verter, it pugs into your cigy lighter socket and coverts it in 230v. Plug Ps2 in and your laughing! Can get em from Halfords for £35 but shop around and you, could get it cheaper.

Dave :cool:


  Audi TT Stronic

Basically there isnt room on the back of the HU for all the connectors and all the resulting cables, so you have 1 cable going to the HU with a breakaway box so you have room to plug everything in.

The box switches the video inputs remotely from the HU.


  Audi TT Stronic

Have a look here, I did an install in my 172 using a touch sensitive switch that fitted perfectly into where the cigarette lighter was, you could only switch the inverter on if the key in the ignition was at least position 1 there are a few simple wiring diagrams that i knocked up for it aswell to give you an idea.