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cam belt change

dropped my valver off for a cam belt change this morning...its only done 24K(nearly 25K!!) miles but the car is nearly eight years old. last time i saw it it didnt have a bonnet:cry:head light:cry:in fact half the engine was on the floor and the engine was being pushed up on a jack:cry:.

Hope it wil be ok:cry:
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Need mine doing soon, just over 67k on original and not wanting to leave it much longer.

Where u getting this done and how much is it costing?


Its a mega bill if it breaks in one of the most expensive bills you can get with a 16v/Williams. Inlet and exhaust valves (which youll probably destroy if the belt snaps) cost £300, before VAT, before labour, alone.

Yeah get it done well before the service book suggests, just in case! As for price i think BBPT have it listed at about £170 including the price of the belt fitted!

yeah mine was about £160 with a new tensioner needed.

matt, sh*t i really wouldnt leave it any longer, the renault spec (for 1400s anyway) of 72k is very long, i changed mine at 60k and although its a bit of a bill at least you aint gonna be forking out nearly a grand for a rebuilt engine!
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Get it done!! With discount from Lex Autocentre, the damage to my car when mine snapped came to £750!! ouch!


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£128 at what was Lex autocentres nationwide, should imagine the price is te same at all the centres.

I had mine done for 250 quid including a minor service. Sounds good but when they did it they snapped the bracket holding the fuel lines above the alternator belt. On my way home from Dover asked my brother if he could smell petrol, pulled over and it was litrerally p1ssing everywhere !! So from what I have learned, cheapest is by no means best, go to someone that knows Renaults !! Is there any way of checking that they actually did it by the way ?

  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Any tell tale signs or warning before it went?

Getting mine done in february as brassic at the mo. Car seems OK but can imagine the belt being in shreds when head comes off.
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No warning. Was running sweet as a nut beforehand. I was only going 5mph so hopefully not too much damage.
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Mine was runing like a dream .............. then disaster!!!! Wasnt sure what had happened, so happily turned the key to start her back up!!!

Silly silly me!! Every valve bent or damaged!!! and a hefty hole in my wallet to boot

Dont worry though!!;)

just got car back. i watched them do most of it cos they are the garage round the back of my dads shop. Mates rates, they did it for £200 with fan belt and cam belt change. The job took around 6 hours. It is not an easy job. Engine mounts off and they basically push the engine up, bonnet off, headlight off......the list goes on. Looking at the old cam belt there were two "cracks" and the mechanic said it was losing tension!!! I know it can cost upto £1500 if these bad boys snap so do it!!!!