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Canon telephoto on a budget!

My budget is £350 set aside for a telephoto.

I would prefer to have IS or some sort of stabilizer as I usually always shoot hand held.

Obvious choices are the Canon 70-300 IS USM or the 55-250 IS.

Both come in under budget... well the 55-250 comes waaaaaaaaaaay in under budget!
  Oil Burner
70-200 f4 non IS

You can pick them up for about £425 new.

Ive never found shooting without stabiliser an issue. Almost everyone i know that uses a stabilised lens chooses to turn the IS off.

You can then also add a 1.4 TC should you want a bit more reach.
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+1 for the 70-200mm F4 it is an awesome lens. i managed to pick mine up off ebay being sold 'as new' from a shop with warrenty for £300, and then got a kenko DG x1.4 teleconvertor (which is just as good as the canon one) for £28 as the guy listed it wrong lol. normal price is about £90
Another recommendation for the 70-200mm f4L, cracking glass at a class price and as Nick has said above the lack of IS isn't a major issue.


  Focus TDCi
Any guesses for what I'm going to recommend? :) As above, I'd go with the 70-200mm if you can afford it - such a good lens!


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70-200f4 should be in everyones arsenal, worth buying a canon alone for!

pin sharp and very fast at focusing on any subject, just lent it to my brother for his trip to kenya and hes texted me saying its too short lol, bloody longer than his 18-55!

shots from this lens are hard to beat.