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Can't stop thinking about selling the 172 for a 197 ....

  Phase 2 172 Sport
So in a month's time im coming into some money, now i can't help but think while I have the money i should sell my 52' FF 172 in Iceberg and looking to get i think its called Arctic White 197.

What does any 1 think should I do it or am i better of just keeping my 172 !?

My 172 has 72k on it and is very tidy just not sure if its going to be the right move to change / upgrade it now.

Anybody else made the change ....



ClioSport Club Member
  Mint 1*2's for sale-
If you can go for a FF 197 with recaros-& speedlines + cup chassis

  Phase 2 172 Sport
Cheer's lads.

I've got alot of thinking to do really. Im trying to get the GF to buy the 172 off me as she has been looking at getting 1 neway and we know the history of it as near as damit neway. I really wanted it for fast road use and the occasional track day.

Going to have about £6.5k to play with so just going to keep my eyes out atm !!
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
For fast road and trackday use a just as quick but far less expensive to bin 172 makes more sense IMHO.

As a daily car though the newer clios are lovely, although a bit more juicey on fuel of course with all that extra weight.


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  Mint 1*2's for sale-
6.5k will get you a cup- not FF

on that budget- You could squeak one on around 45k with recaros on a 57 plate

  Phase 2 172 Sport
£7k isn't that big of a lump. It's a hanfdy amount though im not going to lie. TBH it's all just idea's atm.
I went from a 182 to a 197 and spent the first six months regretting it. True the 197 is a more refined car but just didn't feel as fast as the 182. I then fell in love with the 197 secured handling and driving position. I did fall out of love with the fuel consumption though.
  Turbo LY R27
Ive got both, 197 any day!! There not slow at all, feel better than 1*2's imo!! Better brakes, seating and just an improvement all round! You will miss the 172, whenever i drove one i still loved them, but when i got back in the 197 it felt better!


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  Extreme mode
Not me, id only ever go back for a financial reason, like some in this thread already have (but won't admit it)

They are just more complete. Love mine :)
  Mondeo TDCI 130
197 / 200 are a far better car, but a 1*2 are great smiles for the ££! Seriously though....anyone who say's a 1*2 is better, is lying imo.

I sold my 200, didn't use it and pained me to see all the money tied up in a car, since had a 172 cup, and know a 182, there no where near as good!
I've never owned a 1*2, but I think it would be a good move.

Your budget will get you a good one if you hold out for long enough. I picked up my R27 within that budget (ok, that was only becuse it needed a couple of tyres and service etc and the guy was going to australia for a year 2 days later)


ClioSport Admin
Although I've not owned a 1*2 I've drove a 182 and iirc the throttle response in the 182 was better than the 197...

I was in the wrong lane the other day and some mong wouldn't let me over so I had no choice but to 'burn him at the lights' but it took a good few seconds for anything to happen after I put my foot to the floor :( *i could've pulled away quicker but I didn't want to look like a dick in a screaming yellow clio*

But that's the only downside I can think of; you have to work them a bit harder.

Go have a drive of one and see how it makes you feel, and save more money for an r27. Theyre the trophies of the 197s :rasp:
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Knuckles, of you want 'throttle response' on a drive by wire car it's a piece of cake to map it in, you could have 180bhp at quarter throttle if you like on your 197, lol.


ClioSport Trader
Most people that I can think of that have got a 197 or a 200 have all gone back to a 1*2.

lol. I had mine for 3 weeks.

Slower than the Trophy, but worse mpg than the M3.

Once moving, above 5k rpm it was brilliant, great gearbox, nice(ish) steering, strong brakes, but as a package, i just dont think it warranted the truly sh1t fuel consumption. Recaros were good though, shame they wouldnt fit in the Trophy really.