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Carbon canister info wanted

Ive not had this on the car for a few years now with the pipe cut under the wheel arch. Yesterday I traced it back and it looks as though it acts as a fuel tank breather function? Is this correct?

If so, is this how the fuel return is used? Also further more to this discovery the pipe has worn away where it meets the fuel pump area but I can't get my hand in enough to see where it co locates too.

Appreciate some response on this as searches returned nowt

Fantastic. Hopefully this helps others with the same question in the future.

Is it safe to block off?


ClioSport Club Member
  996 C4S, 130i, E30x2
Dont block it off, its meant to vent to air (or when connected, to the engine). The only one your meant to block off is the pipe that goes into the valve.