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Carbone Lorraine RC5

  Clio Sport 182
Just thought id post up a bit of info about these pads on here as I couldn't find any posts about them. I know people have used the RC6 pads and say that they work very well but squeal badly. I received my new pads from Kam Racing, about a week ago. Until now I have been using standard pads with the standard discs.

I removed the old pads and fitted the new ones, pretty easy to do once i had a look at it (im certainly no mechanic). I cleaned the calipers down and applied plenty of copper grease. Since fitting the pads I have covered about 400 miles and i have to say that as soon as I had fitted them they were biting better from cold than the standard pads. They do have a fairly progressive feel to them and it's not a case of on or off braking but when you really plant your foot make sure you have your seat belt on!!! Serious stopping power :D

As for brake squeal, there is a little bit but sometimes it's not there at all and when it is it ain't too loud especially with engine noise, stereo and other road noise. I kept my standard discs on as they are still in good condition and the surface is good and flat.

I had read posts saying that the brake dust will eat you're wheels, not sure about this yet as it's too early to say but I wash my car often so hopefully it's fine.

Sorry if this is a little boring or long winded, just thought i'd post my findings up.
  172 Ph1, Lupo GTI
RC6 are a more extreme pad mainly used for racing and shouldn't really be used with standard disks as they will tear them up. when braking at night you will probably see sparks off them. They have a higher friction co-efficient though. .The RC5 pads last longer and are gentle with OEM disks and still give a very high friction co-efficient.

RC8 are the highest spec ones and are used by the WRC, Nascar, WTCC, ZA V8, Grp N etc
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  Cup Turbo, Flamer
So for a track car, thats only driven on road to and from the circuit, which ones would be best?
  Clio Sport 182
Just an update on these, was out driving last night on some great wee twisty roads and sure enough I could see sparks flying past when I braked, looked cracker. Lots of brake dust though but it's worth it for the performance, I could never go back to standard pads.
  Clio Sport 182
Not so far it ain't, maybe if you leave it for ages? Mate said I should watch out for sparks doing damage to my paint work though.