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Cat C Mk1 Vee - bargain at £14,995!!

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Standard too, oh wait what ?? Lexus lights & amphasite wheels :S

Have a look at this its one for the classic collectors out there ,Renault clio V6 phase 1This car seems to have been stored most of its life having covered only 7150 miles .Just starting it up brings a smile to my face the car is completely standard and comes in iceberg silver the standard leather is in excellent condition and is still very supportive all the tyres and alloys are in excellent condition ministry inspected MOT tested laser aligned and no faults found but cat c

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  Range Rover Sport
Been up for sale a few weeks now.

Came across it not so long ago, no mention of a Cat C then.
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  S4 Avant
Massively optimistic asking £15K for a straight one, let alone a cat c. They'll have that on the forecourt for a few years.