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Clash of the icons: Clio 16v verus 205 1.9 GTi

My Valver and I have had loads of fun beating up highly regarded opposition on the UKs A and B roads in recent times. But Ive never come up against a 205 1.9 GTi - and I want to know just how theyd compare to a moded 16v!!

(I secretly wanted one at the time I got my 16v, but its difficult to find a nice one nowadays).

For the record, I dueled with a 309 GTi on an winding Welsh A road a while ago. The handling was probably my Clios equal, but I had more than enough poke to continually pull ahead by a good margin on the straights.

Has anyone raced on in their standard 16v on anything but a straight road? Whats the news?

My mates got one, in a straight line they will just about beat you, down the twisties its all down to whos the better driver, ie I cant loose him and he cant loose me and neither of us can pass each other. Hes also got a Mini City with a 1275cc Maestro engine in it, and thats harder to keep up with than his 205, so bloody nimble and easy to drive on the limit, I want one.

Cheers, Simon

my mates standard 205 ran a 15.9 quarter mile, other mates mi16 ran 14.9 yesterday at york. As said before the 205 is a good handling car, so will be down to the driver. Will depend on mods also mates has phase 2 suspension with an LSD etc, handling is superb, was in CCC mag a few months ago for ultimate track car, it came 2nd voted best bargain track car.
  BMW 320d Sport

Close run thing, theyre pretty much equals, maybe the 205 will take it (just) in a straight line if driven well. Ive only raced one at the traffic lights grand prix once last year, a 1.9 and I caned him, but he was only a young lad and probably wasnt that good at starts...
  FRST and 106 GTi

I went for a spin in a 205 1.9GTi with a 405 MI16 engine with the GTi gearbox. I can say that it felt a little more quik than a willy.
I could be wrong, but the damn thing feels so good to ride on, that you cant get your ass off it.
  mk2 172

ha ha, "willy", "so good to ride on, cant get your ass off it" the mi 16 pug wasnt beatin the willys yesterday, im sure its not just a transplant either


i used to have a standard 1.9 gti, and was surprised cos my valver is definatly faster, my mate had a mint one at the same time and i dont reckon there as fast as the 16v.
  FRST and 106 GTi

all I can say is: the valver is faster than a 1.9GTi. The willy is faster than those two, but is not faster than a 1.9GTi with the MI16 engine.

this MI16 engine is too wild... even the ralenti is like a freak... cant get it stable.

This is what I experience, this is what Ive seen and rided.

the red 205 mi16 was my friends car, its running 150bhp, a standard mi16 should run 160bhp, but he still managed a few 14.9 runs, including against me, I got a better start but once in 3rd gear he pulled back passed.

My mates 309gti drops behind my clio but there aint a huge amount in it. So a 206 1.9 could be even closer or possibly slightly ahead. They handle amazing but definetly require more concentration and balls on the limit than a valver. So I reckon this race is entirely down to drivers ability.

Alex M
  clio 20v

my mate used to have one he had it on the rollers an it made 125bhp so it was a bit down but the operator said it was spot on, my valver was quicker though up to 60 but about the same from third, handling was good but not as good as mine it was a bit arse ended i thought but it was a few years older than mine so the suspension didnt feel as tight as it should, his new 106 is much better but he reckons my valvers got more grip

never actually raced one but my dads lodger has one and so. hes drove both my 16v and his gti and reckons my 16v would leave it easy.

have raced a rsi clio (8v) though they were meant to be quite quick, left it for dead and i gave him a head start off the line!
  190 BHP Willy 2

i drive a j plate 205 1.9 gti (miame blue) on a regular basis (my girlfriends) and without a doubt my car is a LOT faster. i would nt hesitate is racing ANY 1.9er.

i agree with ben, i have mates with both the rsi and the 1.9 gti and they had a race of the lights a little while ago, and the 205 just pulled away but the rsi wasnt far behind, they have both been in mine a said it pulls much more.

Ive raced one and gotta say there aint much init. From about 70 i was slowly pulling infront.
  clio 20v

i think your all forgetting 205 GTIs have been around for a bit and not all are standard but i think a standard valver would beat a standard 205gti but not loads in it, most hav prob been ragged and not putting out what they should anyway
  FRST and 106 GTi

I agree with you.

My mate has changed the 1.9lts GTi engine for the MI16 just because the std engine braked down...
He bought the car and it was fine. at least seemed ok... engine major failure.

not that sad now, since the cure was the MI16
  172 sport,

to add my penny

i never lost to a valver eeever that was when it was standard i must say though it was only 3 years old then with low miles now much older many more miles and stage 2 conversion have pestered me bodyshop for 2 weeks constantly so hopefully should have me baby back soon so we can find out how it compares


Well i used to own a 1.9 GTI a few years back and all i can say is that in a straight line they are probably about the same pace, but the 16v felt alot more stable around the twisty bits. I always felt that the pug was tip-toeing around the bends (especially in the wet).