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Cleaned the Clio.

Thought i would show my mighty 1.2 some respect by washing it.

What i used for this amazing detailing....

Pressure Washer
Carplan Wash + Wax Shampoo
Turtlewax Colour Magic Polish (Black ofcourse)
Polish Rage (100% cotton one from halfrauds)
And these E-Clothes from the kitchen, there mircro fiber things - mother uses them to clean the granite work tops (streak free finish etc)

Anyone, some pictures.

And i also noticed this... looks like someone has punched/kicked my grille, as i havnt hit any birds. And it pushed it back + split the panel...

Pulled it back out, covers up most of the crack.

Ok and one last pic for somthing else to look at.

Not mine... yet.

Before everyone says "Buy a RS Grille" and "GET SILVER VISIONS!" - i have... they should be on the way soon.

My first car, i like it - enjoy :)

*Sorry about the picture quality, damn camera phones*
Looks nice mate, As you say, RS grille and silvertechs will look nice on it !

Shitter about the crack, Be carefull when changing the grille over so it dosent crack any further.
Mrs is saying thats the colour of Mini she wants lol.

She can buy it if she wants ;)

Mother wants to change it for eitherrrr errrr

Audi TT (new shape, in white please)
New Cooper S - seen one she likes, JCW kit and all but its British Racing Green - eww.

I do hope it dosn't crack anymore :(
  Clio 1.2 Dynamique
looking nice, the RS grille and silvervisions will make the world of difference,

same as my car but ive got team dynamics

I agree on the RS Grille - im just paranoid now, that when i move it - its going to make the split bigger?