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Clio 1.4 16v Latest update

Got bored so washed the car and changed the wheels back over to the trophy ones.









That's proper smart that, can't wait till see it in the flesh :D

All ready the Nurburgring in a few weeks Dave?
  850 T5. mmmm Turbo!
thophy wheels mate, its looks good does that.

just out of interest do you have standard brakes on that?
im after some better ones for my 1400.
  Chocolate Bar™
very nice! just out of interest what happened to you front bumper insert? love both sets of wheels to be honest, but think the colour of the trophy alloys suits the colour of the car better :)
woops forgot about this thread, cheers for all the comments, just to answer some questions -

side skirts are from reanult from the body kit they offered.

paintwork is terrible it could really do with a proper PC polish anyone want to do it for me?!!?

front bumper inserts are flaking cant be arsed to pay to have them repainted i want a 182 next year.

Powerflex lower engine mount bush is excellent,

2118s might be for sale but i want to keep them but i agree it looks better on the turinis.

iv had a 182 grill before cant be arsed to argue with renault and try and get one for £40, again if anyone wants to do this for me let me no ...!

brakes iv got - braded lines, brembo max disks and ds2500 pads - there excellent, got them from GDI

Day its not ready yet, hopefully new seats, sterring wheel and a proper suspension set up on one of the sets of wheels, i cant decide.