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Clio 16v advice please

Couple of niggling faults that, in His wisdom, are blocking my road to spritual fulifilment at the moment

Firstly, my rear washer jet is poo-pooing the party at the back of my 16v by dribbling washer fluid all over the back of the car. Is this a faulty motor or a faulty control stalk? (the right hand stalk controls the wipers/jets). Has the happened before to anyone else?

Secondly, how much do electric window switches cost? Two of mine are sinning at the moment! May the wrath of Hell replace them with better units, provided they cost less than 20 of ye olde Pounds.

May ye who answer be blessed with the worlds love - and fault-free electrics on ye Renaults.

i think you need to draw a line in the sand, when these problems arer fixed you will just find more to channel your thoughts into,

accept the situation

and rejoyce in what you have.

Also further to the post williams engine transplant showdown, what about a trip to a rolling road, there is a real ropey olf placed near me that will do a full power run with diagnosis (where needed) for £35-£40,

BenR could bring along his 80s fart box,

im not aware of any 1/4 mile strips within sensible distance

all a along way off yet anyway

serious advice for your original question, is it a constant dribble? or just poor performace when used? i blew mine through with and air line when they were squirting anywhere but where i wanted them too

Cheers guys! Ive already tried cleaning the contacts, but to no avail. So a vist to the scrappies itll be then Am I right in thinking that the window switches can be salveged from 19 and 21 Renaults?

certainly not interpro,

that would be far to sophisticated,

i found a page from a bristol mini owners club and they had a rolling road day this place on the outskirts of bristol call "Spam Speed" or something like that, rumour has it the old fossil who runs it is called spam,

i havnt been there but its cheap and he helpfull even if the eqipment isnt state of the art,

i was planning to go down one day with my mate with the suzuki swift so i will see what its like down there,

old fart box!
why dont we get on teh track!!! coombe aint far!

and Spam speed, i called them before i left to get my carb setup for teh track.

and he said that they dont use the rollers anymore......have you called him?

im up for it!

your mate cna try a before an after Swift GTi ported manifold too!!! hehe

i thought that might get a responce,

no offence intended Ben,

im keen on castle coombe but its always a saturday which is no good for me, retty much any day but that would be fine,

i spoke to "spam" about 10 months ago i guess

i know!! your just scared!

damn, take a day off for coombe once!! they will never be on a week day! unless we can see if theyll let us on.

interpro-never been their, but i called them before i left, fully booked due to the start of the racing season and lots of race cars hogging the time on the rollers.

spam-dont do it anymore he said, but call anyway!
  BMW 320d Sport

Ben if you wanted switches you should have mentioned it the other night...I had four of them in the glovebox! 3 up/down window switches (not one-touch) and one sunroof switch (its not illuminated like the window switches. You can have the lot for a tenner including the postage recorded delivery mate!