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Clio 16v Alloy Wheel Selector Program!!!!

Being bored at work i took time out to have a play with Flash MX and created an alloy wheel selector program!!

Although still in a very early stage you can currently choose a selection of wheels from different manufacturers!

If it goes down well on here more features will be added including other clios (172,v6 etc..), car colour changing, lowering, wheel size adjustment etc etc....!

Can anyone host the file for me pleeeeeeease??

send it to be mate and ill see, depending on file size.">

Yeah all opinions and suggestions greatly appreciated!

Future possibilities include:

- adjustable wheel sizes

- adjustable suspension

- different models of clio!

- different colours of car

- and of course many many more wheels to choose from!

Also if you find it hangs at any point click the OZ logo and it often recovers!?! :D

might be worth starting this thread on the exterior etc forum glenn.

I havent started with flash mx, how different is it from the older versions? Im going on an mx course in early jan. Need to be the actionscript master!!

Sorry Nick i only put on the OZ and Team Dynamics wheels so far! And for those hawkeyed amongst you a Technomagnesio Detroit F1 sneaked into the TD range!

Do not fear a newer much improved version is now on the cards so i will get off my lazy ass and stick loads more wheels in there! :D