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Clio 16V front seats

  used to drive a clio16v

I need a new passenger seat frame for my J reg clio 16v. Ive been quoted £209+VAT for the seat frame and subframe which come as a pair from a local Renault dealer but obviously this is way more than i want to spend so im looking at getting the parts second hand.

Does anybody know if the seat frames on a 16v would be the same as those on any other more common models as valvers are rarely found in scrapyards, or does anyone have any other ideas where i could find these parts cheaper?

If not i may concider getting some new Cobra bucket seats instead! still, it would be nice to get it sorted in a less expencive way

Any help would be appreciated
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Thats well expensive! agrrr Reno dealers kick ass dont they! not...!

Try putting a post on the wanted section of this forum and see what appens like....u never know...;)