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Clio 16v handling/rampant wheelspin - any ideas

My Valver sits about -35mm all round with pretty much brand new Yokohama A539 tyres. The hanlding in the dry is simply stunning and I love it.

But in the wet its a different matter. Id appreciate your thoughts:

- When Im exiting roundabouts in 2nd gear (in the wet), I just get wheelspin all the time - and I slide too.
- Same story out on the roads in the wet. I just get wheelspin all the time and lose grip loads.

Just to give an example, it means that Im really afraid to power out of a rounabout when theres surface water - and I have to wait until Im doing about 40mph in a straight line to put the power down. And not that I do very often, but it means that I can never show the GTi next to me at the lights whos boss.

Now, I know Im running a high power FWD car here - but I expected my Yokos to cope better with this. Could this to be to do with either a) the fact I use tyre blackener stuff b) my front anti-roll bar mounts are dying a slow death and need to be replaced.

Help me, because Im not looking forward to the winter at this rate!!

Just read that again - makes it sound as if I drive like a lunatic in the wet!

To set you straight: what Im saying is that I cant even drive at a moderate pace if its been raining in the last few hours for fear of ending up in a bush!!

Mine is awful in the wet as well I have to drive like an old women!!! Thing is though I have got Yoko A539s all around on mine is there a pattern developing here? Any 16vs with different tyres on suffer the same problems?

Worn anti roll bar mounts wont cause it (in theory, removing the bar should improve traction).

1. Tyres - try going UP a couple of psi (never down).

2. Try exiting the roundabout in 3rd, not 2nd
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Yep chuck the yokos. Brilliant in the dry, but crap in the wet. Had a set on my 19 16v for a while. That was the pattern that emerged.


Ive got A539s on my 16v too and i have to say.....

...i agree completely!!!

They are SUPERB in the dry, outstandingly grippy! But in the wet they dont fill me with confidence!!
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ive got falkens on the frount and have no probs with them wet or otherwise!
then again when it come to being wet i dont drive hard and deffo wont race!



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Try Michelin Pilot exaltos, tried as i might, flinging the car round corners in the rain it was very difficult to get the least amount of spin.
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Mines been like that today. First time I really drove it in the wet. Pulled out of the works exit onto a busy road. Wheelspin in 1st and 2nd, and was hardly touching the throttle condidering I had to make a sharp exit.

Its just weird as the tyres have less than 2k miles on them. My old 1.2 never has this problem - but then it only had 60 bhp!!
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Either put on 18s (guranteed to kill wheelspin -tried and tested!) or ditch the Yokes and put on some Goodyear Eagles F1s. Just sold a set but I was sorry to see them go, Ive tried a lot of tyres in my time but those were just incredible in the wet compared to anything Id driven before. The Toyos Ive got on at the moment are OK in the dry but can be scary in the wet, they let go surprisingly quickly, something which never happened on the Eagles.

Or maybe I could do a TwoFast-style 1.2 conversion for even better Evo VI slaying power, but bog all wheelspin

Ive got yoko a539s too,

And they are cr*p in the wet!

I was hoping to fit some goodyear eagle f1 emts this weekend but i didnt wear out my tyres as much as i was expecting at the trackday today???


My 16v is fond of spinning whens its wet, seems to be a trait.

In the wet I seriously rate Uniroyals, the have always specialised in quality wet tread patterns, and the are reasonable in the dry and not too expensive.

Alex M