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Clio 16v Turbo conversion

Can anybody help me, my car is going down to BBPerformance tuning at the begining of January to have a much needed turbo conversion (package 1 low boost) i have been down to meet up with Andy (the owner) and have a look at there own 16v Turbo, i must say i was impressed with the quality and proffesional attitude with the company staff and products, but as i turned up uninvited and they was very busy and i did not have a chance to go out in there demo car (arrrrrr), has anybody out there been out in it if so please tell me what it was like and am i spending my £6,000 well, cheers Matt.


Is that for the car and the convertion or just the car?

If its just the convertion thats a lot of cash but ..... will be pretty unique and bloody fast!!

If your spending mega Clio cash why not try to get hold of a Willy 1 to Turbo. Thatll be very very special indeed.

No i have allready got the car and the body work is A1 and i love the look of my valver so much but the power just wasnt there so i started to look around and found this conversion it gives 220 bhp per ton and 210 lbs of torque per ton the Focus RS has 176 bhp per ton and 191lbs of torque per ton, this should be a very fast little clio.
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Err spot on. Its not a hard one to remember!

Anyway theres a thread on here from a few weeks ago about my drive of the BB Clio Turbo. Find the thread to get the full run down, but lets hope it suffices to say that its stupidly quick. Just outrageous, something like that shouldnt even be allowed on the road. So roll on January when mine will be finished! To give you a bit more of an idea of how quick that Clio Turbo is, Im seriously looking at sorting out 325mm 4-pot brakes up front, a pair of those Cobra Evolution bucket seats with the head protection wraparound bit, and a full roll cage. I think Im gonna need it. Just from the feel of it, Id estimate 0-60 in high 5s, 0-100 and 1/4 mile in the 12 second bracket. In a 1/4 mile ready valver (stripped rear, no spare tyre, 1/4 tank of petrol, thats around 250 bhp/ton. About the same as a stripped out Scooby running 300bhp.

The demo car was running 200bhp roughly when they came down to Brands Hatch with us, when I took it for a go, theyd just finished the mapping the week before and it was running at 240bhp on 15psi boost - its the high boost/low comp car thats on demo.