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Clio 172 fast road setup

  clio 172 limited
Clio ragnotti= clio 172 cup
Hey all, ive been doing some research but your advise would be better i guess, so ive made a list what i was going to fut under my clio 172 exclusive (LHD) and this is the list: Clio 182 cup subframe, ragnotti wishbones. Pms roll centre correction kit
Ragnotti jc5-129 gearbox and driveshafts
Laguna 2.2d hubs and hubholders
Pms bump steer kit
Pms Weld in Caster Adjustable Top Mounts
20mm stub axle spacer kit pms
Pms front strut bar
Whiteline anti roll bar rear
Bilstein b14 shock changed to 65mm spacings to fit laguna struts.
Is this still driveable, and isnt this the hard(suspension wise) since its basiccaly a cup racer setup but i changed to b14 for there softness to not have a back seisure of a bump
IIRC suspension hardness will depend mostly on Spring rates - you could fit the B14 setup and assess how hard it is, then swap to softer springs if needed :)


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Sounds a good setup to me. The Bilstein are firm but thats significantly countered with how good and how they react better to small bumps compared to the original twin tube.
B14 are 25% off at the minute - for the next two weeks. Click below for a link...