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Clio 182 FF Arctic

Its been a long wait and lots of searching, but i've finally found one i was happy enough with :)

Clio 182 by kieren_douglas, on Flickr

Slow project, just enjoying it and changing a few things as i go along.

Gave it a good clean then went for some pictures.

IMG_6152 by kieren_douglas, on Flickr

IMG_6252 by kieren_douglas, on Flickr

IMG_6267 by kieren_douglas, on Flickr

IMG_6316_2 by kieren_douglas, on Flickr

IMG_6335 by kieren_douglas, on Flickr

First bit of toying with things. The plastics grills/badges will be getting either sprayed or hydro dipped so I've just done a couple of little things for now until i get round to them. Carbon Wrapped the badge and done the flag colours that I've seen a couple of others do. Wasn't sure at first but its grown on me now.

IMG_9214 by kieren_douglas, on Flickr

Where did you get the wrap from, and was your Clio badge pinned or glued?

The wraps off ebay, loads of people selling it. Just don't get the really cheap stuff it doesn't feel as strong. Its just popped back on how i took it off and i melted the little plastic tags on the back of the badge back over the slots, basically how it was to begin with.


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Cars looking good pal! yep was wondering when i was gonna see you on here as well as on insta!
Wrapping is looking good mate :)

had some left over so thought id give it a go and it turned out better than i thought :) stop looking on here anyway, its only making you want one even more haha.

Cars looking good pal! yep was wondering when i was gonna see you on here as well as on insta!

cheers bud, hardy ever use forums anymore, too many people get me angry with their snide comments (keyboard warriors) so i try to just have people on insta that might appreciate things more or they can just unfollow me lol