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clio 182 on dockroad

  Renault clio 1.2 RT
mite be in the wrong place but i was coming down the dockroad in liverpool and i kinda raced a 182 well i got completly blown of buy the 182 lol but would just like to know who it was it was black / blacked out rear windows it had a cliosports sticket and another sticker sayin clio i think but it was in silver on the bottom left of the back window

Any1 ? ? ?
haha was me lol didn't think you were on here mate - liked the comment about the few more years no claims ;)

I had a 1.2 before my 182 so I know how it feels but still good cars!
  Renault clio 1.2 RT
to be honest m8 i kinda love me car i know its not the best but i get stick in work from the lads about avin a clio but i just cant w8 to get me next 1 to be honest :D was sweet urs m8 just like i want lol i dunno even y i tryed a bit of a race wid ya lol i seen the tail pipes and new i woulda got ad off :p but wen i seen the cs sticker was worth it tis nice seeing sum1 who is into clio's close to home :p do u know of any clio stuff up are end ? were u from btw ? i live in oldswan :D
^^ Kool mate...

I'm from Crosby and goto the NW meets when I can - have you been? I don't know anything else around here for Clios nope. Tell your mates to take a look at the 172/182/V6 stats and that'll change their minds ;)

Great cars mate and defo recommend a 172/182 - take a test drive!