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clio 200 cup knocking possible strut top mount

  clio 182 trophy
I have a knocking coming from the n/s/f suspension when going over bumps. checked for play and cant find any in all components. I am suspecting strut top mount or the damper to be the issue. just wondering if anyone has had this issue before or had to replace their strut top or damper??? cheers glenowl
  monaco 172
never looked at a 200 but when the rear damper was shagged on my 182 there was fluid weeping down the shaft from the damper.
Ball joint? It's VERY common on 200's - mine is going into the garage on Tues to have the N/S/F ball joint replaced under warranty.
  2008 clio 1.2 tce
I would also check the drop down link as much cheaper and easier to replace and in most cases is the cause of knocking when going over bumps
  172, Focus
I had a megane 225 with a knock over bumps, no play in links etc and that turned out to be the shock absorber.
The meg sharing the same suspension setup at the front as the Clio 3 rs could mean you have a similar issue if, as you say, you have no other obvious play in any links.
Hope you get it sussed
I've had my 200 Cup for 2 years now, the knocking is really annoying, Renault main dealer has had it in 3 times and can't find anything, I described it as sounding like a top mount, but can't even be sure where on the car it's coming from :dapprove: