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clio 5 door mk2 1.6 16 v seat change help

  clio 1.2 16v 04
Hi I have a problem I have a 04 5door clio 1.2 just bought the clio. 172 interior put the back seats in no problem but my standard seats for the front the two plugs on 172 seAts are completely different any way getting round this cheers guys can post a pic if needed the plugs on standard seats are sqaureish but ones on 172 ones a square plug other is circle?:dapprove:


ClioSport Club Member
yep, buy 2 of these

You are trying to connect the seat belt pre-tensioner and side airbag on each seat.

Connected which plugs you can of course. Then you will have 3 wires each side that you can't connect (correct me if i'm wrong) the grey wire is the earth. There will be an earth wire from the seat and and earth from the car loom. It doesn't matter which way round the other 2 wires are connected.