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Clio ariel/BMW shark fin thingy

  VW Potato

apologies if this has been asked before, but I am the master of the already posted request!

So, those shark ariel things you see on BMW M3s and Merc Es...can you get them for the Clio - are they a universal fit etc etc, who supplies them. Usual stuff please. Cheers dudes,

muchos gracias,

  VW Potato


I, perhaps foolishly, promised Puppy a new tail to wag like the one on the big Mercs it admires. Now I may have to go back and tell it that it has to make do with what it has. There will be tears, its little face all scrunched up and sobbing... :(


you can get them but most are just dumy aeriels, best bet is to go to a dealer and pay top dollar for one (thats if they will sell you one) some companies are doing a shark fin flashy light thing but its a bit too boy racerish for even me! ;)

Could always try a scrapyard for a recently crashed one?

I was wondering if the shark fin which is fitted to the latest laguna estate would fit the clio.

Comments please