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Clio Cup Whine on Startup (Help)

I have a new Cup (1,700 miles now) and it whines for the first minute after staring from cold. Renault said today that they could not hear anything but they must be deaf as it is resonably loud and the pitch changes with revs. Anyone got any ideas as to what it is.

I have had a new pulley and fan belt fitted already as it kept slipping for the first few minutes driving. I also have an ocassional creak from the right hand suspension on full lock over bumps. Could this be the springs / suspension components still settling.

I get the same whine occasionally and the creak - 16.5k miles so far - I dont know about settlling in...

Cheers for the reply ak_uk,

My whine is not occasionally it is everytime I start from cold. Did you ever find out what it was ?

I have a feeling its the power steering pump or its belt (as its a multi V) that whines... my 172 does it and my previous 1.4 Maxim did it... I wouldnt worry about it
  Clio 1.6 16V

I put a post up a while back on this subject. I hear this every time I start up in the morning from dead cold (MKII 172 2200 miles). Lasts for about a minute. You can actually hear the change from whine to normal almost instantly when it happens. Sounds like a timing chain type whine .... but no timing chain!! I thought it may be oil circulation related but just changed to Mobil 1 0W40 which is probably thiner than the ELF when cold. Must be something to do with cold start fueling system?

Pehaps there is a Reno tech on here that can explain or find out .....BobRTE?

Think this is a feature and nothing to worry about
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Its nothing to worry about. When the car is cold, the oil is much more viscous, and so a greater oil pressure is required to allow it to circulate through the engine properly.

Once the car warms a little, the noise goes.

Its a standard noise whether the cars hot or cold - its the power steering - Minis do it as do beemers - stop worrying guys!
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Mine only does it when its cold. If I leave it an hour and then drive it again, there is no noise at all. But anyhow, as CUPSIZE says, stop worrying.

mine does it too, and if its any reassurance my old pug 306 did exactly the same thing, and never gave any trouble in over 50k so i reckon its nowt to worry about.

pretty quick arent they, you pleased with yours funky?