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Clio II 1.4 Engine Dead, replacement advice needed

  Clio II 1.4 16v Si
Hi all. My girlfriend is learning to drive and bought a 2001 Clio II 1.4 16v SI with 103k miles on it. The engine developed a rattle really soon after buying it so I bought a cam belt kit and water pump and took it to get these changed but it turns out the water pump had stretched the cam belt and the cams skipped a couple of teeth causing cylinder head damage so I need a replacement engine.

I'm not sure what the engine codes are other than it's a K4J. I wanted to know if any K4J series engine will fit or do I need a specific one? I think I have found that the K4J 700, 712 and 713 engines stated here will fit but I'm struggling to source one.

Can anyone help?
  Clio II 1.2 16V
Are you sure that the valve's are damaged. done a compression test. with the new belt timed up correctly with the proper locking tools ?
  Clio II 1.4 16v Si
Don't know about a compression test but I know the old water pump came out all banana shaped and just before it dumped all the coolant out there was a loud ticking noise coming from the engine. It is all timed upproperly and turning it by hand is ok without any noises or knocks but the engine won't start, sounds like va wet fart trying to start