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clio / megane 2003 1.4 cylinder head dowel question.

  clio 182
.... ihave recently purchased a 2003 megane 1.4 16v with a snapped cambelt upon removal of the cylinder head i have noticed that there only appears to be one cylinder head dowel... is this correct? as the opposit hole on the diagonal has only a counter sunk hole not a counter bore for a dowel... just a little confused as i dont want to put it back together with a part missing...

any help would be grateful cheers
stoney 182

p.s not sold the clio just picked this up cheap and givin it to my dad when its done cheers again
  172,scenic, trafic
alot of engines only have one dowel, if the countersink isnt there it doesnt have one. i have fitted many cylinder heads with only one. obviously it goes in the blck tho ,lol
  ITB'd MK1
taken a few 1.4 and 1.6 16v heads off and they've only had 1 dowel. It's been a while but i'm pretty sure the counter sink is there on 2 holes
  clio 182
lol yeah its still in the block but for all my years of working on cars ie classic fords and land rovers they always have 2 so hance my confussion and bh i have never really had many dealings with renault until i got my clio.
and yeah in the block the counter sink is there but not counter bored ie to accept another dowel but was just makin sure :)