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clio world series sports special edition

  Lookin for RB 182
this is my mates brand new clio world series special edition, he only picked it up a couple of weeks ago but thought id give it a good goin over,
the method was;
snow foamed and left to dwell for 5mins
PW off
washed with mitt and maxi suds2
wheels washed with megs wheel brightner and maxi suds 2
took in the garage and clayed with megs clay bar and megs speed detailer for lube
then washed again with maxi suds 2
dodo juice lime prime lite applied with megs application pad
buffed off after 20mins with microfiber towel
then applied jetseal 109 with megs application pad
buffed off after 20mins
didnt take any before pics but hear are my results let me no what you think, good or bad thanks....




love this pic:grin:


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You wouldn't believe the s**t that is on the car from new/the factory. I clayed my mates new focus and it was covered in s**t.

totally agree, my bf's mito was quite bad so too was my 197 when new. They need a good detail even more so when fresh from the dealers! :rolleyes:


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u clayed a car because it was swirled??? claying wont do s**t for swirls. looks clean.
  Lookin for RB 182
i no clay wont get rid of swirls i clayed it to make sure there was nothin on the car so i could lime prime lite it and jetseal on a nice clean surface