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Clios are actually 5-series Beemers

  VW Potato

think about it....

Clios and 5-series share:

- the LHD wiper set up

- the biggest wiper arms ever seen on a production car

- a warm glow from the red dash lighting at night

- bright Xenon lights

- the same slightly funny steering (540i I mean here, not the smaller engined 5 series)

- impeccable dealers (that ones obviously a joke!)

er, cant think of anymore.

  VW Potato

ahhh, I meant it as a compliment guys. The 5 series is a nice car to drive; theres nothing wrong with the car, just the way that sometimes they are driven. :D


ooh, you might have opened a can of the old proverbial worms here - I dont want mine compared to a BMW - 5 series or other thank you very much!!! I drive a 5 series on a regular basis, and mine is far superior to drive (all in my humble opinion, of course!!! :eek: )