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Need some help i get this burning clutch smell when everytime i pull away with to much revs(eg 1700rpm or more)from a standstill start so i'm thinking the clutch i have must be s**t(and it's supost to be an uprated clutch :( ) and has not got a good clamping force so what i want to know is what brand of clutch is everyone using in there MK1 clio 1.8 16V/2.0 williams(eg O.E,velao,black diamond,EBC,etc etc) and are they standard or upgraded as i need a new clutch for when i get my hybrid conversion in the car :D so whats everyone got or reconmend.
Uprated clyutch are usless I've never been impressed with them there worse than standard in all but there strnght and even then they can crack and break unlike stock ones.

Stock is the best along with a new cable its amazing I had an uprated Williams one and it was usless it broken after 5k or so of use stock ones still fine 10k later its lighter on your wollet easyer to use and still holding back the power from my tunned engine.