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Cobra Imolas in a 172

Am considering fitting a pair of the above buckets into the cup.

I know that Imolas have side mounts rather than sub frames. Can the side mounts be fitted where the current runners are or will I have to drill holes in the floor? If so is this tricky?

If it is the case that new holes have to be drilled is any sort of bracing required?

Have seen talk of custom mounts being needed for these seats - is there a problem with the standard ones?

Any help would be much appreciated.
  Lionel Richie

If you buy them from Yozzasport, we supply you with custom low subframes that bolt into the existing bolt holes of the car

the sidemounts then bolt onto these, andthen the seat bolts to the sidemounts

pm me or y0z2a for more details (oh and were cheaper than RRP and we carry the entire Cobra range)