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Coldplay 10-6-2012 ethiad Manchester

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Went to watch coldplay yesterday so thought i'll put some pictures up on here there really not the best quality TBH mainly because i had to use the normal camera because i couldnt take the SLR in. After queuing up for nearly five hours a manged to get to the front and got to say they were awesome.













I'd imagine that to be a very difficult place to take decent photo's from (despite being at the front) but i'm sure you had a great night!
my friend called me up whilst at the emirates gig ... i couldn't go cause i was working ... still best f**king phone call ever :D just took a break and listened to them play lol


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I saw them at Emirates last week and the Summertime Ball last Saturday, they were absolutely awesome - probably my favourite band live.

They know how to put on a show!
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saw them sat 9th at the etihad and was right at the front, was something else..those wrist bands were amazing. Me/gf looked down at ours when they got turned on and was like "wow these are cool"..then i turned round and was like "uhhhhhh look behind you..thats fecking amazing!!!" hah
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I was there too - first time I've seen them, was awesome, think the wristbands were great idea! I took my SLR in and got some good pics will try and add some.
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We saw them on the sat (9th).

Best concert I've ever been too!

The fireworks/confetti cannons/wristbands were epic.