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Colour coded light pics + side skirts

  Mazda MX5 1.8

very nice! side skirts dont quite look right with the std wheels imo so thats what u should sort out next i recon ;)
  Chocolate Bar™

getting my wheels when my birthday comes next month :D going for 15 wolfrace octanes in high power black with polished rim. after that getting koni suspension, and finally ill finish the colour coding. (handles are currently getting sprayed because they wont back to black for some reason)

only put the sides on because i got them cheap! (free)


ClioSport Club Member

Same lights as me except mine still in box lol very smart mate
  Chocolate Bar™

not bad for £70 delivered and sprayed for free.

absolute mailto:b@stard">b@stard to fit. Ended up "getting custom" when fitting them, and the left one is stanley knifed to fit, and then wedged with some cardboard to stop it rattling. :sick:
  K20 EG Hatch

look good i think, will look much better when its been lowered though.

i like that zorst alot! wheres that from and how much?
  Chocolate Bar™

powerflow. £280 fitted (including silencer) cat back.

as for 15s, its a 1.2 and i love the current handling / (mild) acceleration, so dont see the point in going any bigger. personally i like the idea of 15s as well.
  E60 diesel powah

is that a propery exshaut or jus a tip sorry if that sounds stupid lol, nice! slam it with 16s, colour code it but unsure about lights!
  Mazda MX5 1.8

Quote: Originally posted by dutty_112 on 20 March 2005

is that a propery exshaut or jus a tip sorry if that sounds stupid lol, nice! slam it with 16s, colour code it but unsure about lights!
as above its a cat back so it goes from the cat. to the exit

dont go for 15" octanes mate, the 17" version look small enough as there deep dish and the spokes dont go to the edge, really like the lights tho, i was gunna get some but now fancy some black led clusters!! :D
  Chocolate Bar™

as the sides, i got them off ebay from a sport kit renault did.

regarding wheels i really want some black ones with a polished rim and really like the octanes. im also really not bothered if they look small :) in an ideal world, id go for konig theories in graphite, but £700 and 17 makes it a no go lol.

when i first fitted the lights i really wasnt sure if i liked them, but i think theyre definetely different to the tinted originals i had before.
  A silver Honda

Looking good Middo.

Ive seen those gloss black Octanes in the flesh and they look awesome.
  Chocolate Bar™

cheers mate - i thought that, but in a 15 they look tiny, but the chrome rim should make them look a tad bigger than a completely black alloy, and make them look less like hubcaps?

if anyone could recommend any other black alloys with a chrome rim id apprecaite it :)
  C4 Grand Picasso

Lovely looking car mate, Ive only seen them lights in silver but look well smart in black.
  Chocolate Bar™

neither did i until i saw them on a car on ebay in black. also got them for free, and got them fitted for a steal :D
  Chocolate Bar™

got it off ebay as part of a renault bodykit a bodyshop put on. he advertised it appalingly so i got it for peanuts.