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Colour Regrets

  Clio v6

Have you had regrets after seeing your car in a different colour?

Rather than waiting for ever on a red or blue V6, I accepted silver. Very popular at the time.

I saw a red V6 the other day and thought thank goodness I opted for silver. The "Im a funny shade of something" looked like an Essex girls colour choice to me.

This V6 was at my dealer, I belonged to a their MD. Fair choice as an MD usually drives a top model. ( what else is there in the range )? A Laguna? all that space for one little briefcase?

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lol, always liked the black but after having a white gtturbo and knowing black cars have to be kept immaculate to look clean i opted for the silver as i can normally go a week without washing it and not feel too guilty about it, the cup blue is very nice tho if its was available on 172 then i would have been very tempted

I had my heart set on Monaco Blue for my 172 after deciding there were too many silver clios on the road already. Changed my mind and went for the silver in the end anyway! Really pleased with it, espcially when clean it looks great but I still have my doubts from time to time?! Too late now though eh!

Well i have a black clio, sometimes it really annoys me as you have to clean it so often otherwise it looks crap, though it is worth it for when its clean!

I would of got it in silver but being a lower spec clio it didnt have the 172 Silver as an option, the alternative silver is a bit sh*t, and would of need colour coding so overall im happy!



I promised myself that Id never have a black car again after my first clio. Here I am getting another Black Clio. Wanted Blue as first choice but didnt seen any for sale, after that wanted either Black or red. Got to say it looks fantastic in Black!!!

Ive had my naples red valver for 6months and everytime I see a mint blue one, I think whether or not I should have gone for blue instead!
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

I didnt need to think twice about it when ordering my 172, there was no doubt in my mind that it needed to be silver, the williams is blue, the 172 is silver. Simple as. I think anything but silver on the V6 looks dreadful, and silver is the only colour for a true 172 (IMHO). ;)

I think for the 172 the red colour is by far the best but id still get silver as id like to get some black wheels!
  VW Potato

the red is lovely; in the sun it actually looks spicy enough to suggest that it might even be hot to the touch. So i happy with my flame red one - the shade of red i think looks more exotic than the other colours but to be honest, i think they look great in all colours:

silver - too many, sadly

blue - devine, but a bugger to keep clean

black - ditto

red - awesome when clean; great in the winter gloom too; a nice flash of bright colour to liven things up a bit when i look out of the window.


I spent ages looking for a mint blue or black valver, then I came across a mint iceburg silver one which I bought as Id never seen one in silver. Some of the time I think " should I have waited for a black or blue one ? " but then think the silver looks good and seems to be rarer and when waxed looks the nuts !!



My last two cars have been black. And although blue is the best selling car colour, there appears to be more silver cars on the road than any other, could be because blue has different shades!! Anyway, I went for blue, which is equally as hard to keep clean as black.

It looks great with the sun on it. At least it does the day I clean it. Give it a day or two and it looks dusty, even though its garaged.

I really liked the red Renault used on the 172. It also seems pretty rare out on the roads.

At least they dont do it in any nasty colours.

I spent ages finding a blue valver. I found you paid more for blue over red or white etc by quite a bit. I now want mine resprayed a different colour.

If i had gone for the red one i could have saved a good £500 and put that towards a respray which will cost £800. So i wish i had got a red one!


  Shiny red R32

No regrets from me either Jilly. I have always had blue or red cars (apart from a white XR2i and a black Calibra) and choosing black for my little 172 was definely the right decision.

As I have previously found out, red fades after a while and if any panels need to be resprayed, it is rare to be able to match the colour correctly.

red looks stunning when new but suffers badly from fading. My old AX got hit in car car park and needed a new door skin but it was going to have to have a full respray due to the faded red. They said that they could get it done buy fading in but it wont look right. Bolloxs!! so i sold it to the bird!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I searched for a 16v in blue for ages also. Its got to be the blue IMO! lol Although any colour I see passing does look mint also. I think its just the car itself.


  Audi TT Stronic

I all honesty you got to love the colour of the cup ... if I could have I would have got my 172 that colour.. but other than that.. no I am happy

After writing my light blu dynamique off i opted for a black one quite gutted now as everyone seems to have a black one and i thought the blue one looked sweet colour coded i just didnt want the same colour car at the time wish i did now though check the crash gallery to see the blue one the black one is in the others glalery with some nic eyoung ladies on it!

Was very difficult decision for me between the Flame Red and the Iceberg Silver (too popular) and in the end went for the silver. Was a last minute decision as I saw both 172s next to each other at Renault and decided it HAD to be silver.

Have seen the red and a few times had second thought but I love the silver when its clean.

When I was looking for a Williams, I had my heart set on blue, but the only one I could find was blue. In the end I settled on the blue even though there are far too many Williams around in blue.

Blue is nice, though.....


Quote: Originally posted by DynamiqueDick on 19 March 2003

After writing my light blu dynamique off i opted for a black one quite gutted now as everyone seems to have a black one and i thought the blue one looked sweet colour coded i just didnt want the same colour car at the time wish i did now though check the crash gallery to see the blue one the black one is in the others glalery with some nic eyoung ladies on it!

Everyone rushes to the gallery..

the only other colour i considered was that metalic grey colour.

they are so rare and look well nice.

but the black is just too nice, people say its a pain to keep clean...but i quite enjoy cleaning my car and making it look good! so its just a good excuse:)

it just looks too good on a sunny day!

i agree what your saying how it gets dusty after like a day, but only takes 5min with a chamoi to get it back to black! :)

yeah the yellow is the nutts. Its rare as! There r several 172 in my town but the only one to catch peoples attention is the sunflower one!

check the thread about 2 172s v cup, its interesting how the silver 172s show the shape of the front of the car better, it seems more defined, its swinging me towards a silver 172 instead of black
  RB5 & 172

i went for odyssey (spelling?) blue, not seen any others around, does anyone else have one in he odyssey blue? it flips from a deep purple to a bright blue, well nice even if i must say so myself!

black was a close choice but as i park it on a main road my last black car only ever looked clean for around an hour!