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Cooper S

Driving home the other night i had an interesting encounter with a dark silver cooper S, I was driving along the country lanes, giving the car some full throttle action, when the S appeared out of nowhere. I thought i would lose it easily but the little bugger is faster than i thought!!!! Anyway, just wondered was it you cooper S boy?:cool:

P.S was driving around Ford and Ridgeway if that helps???
  Tappd'd RS

On paper anyway, both the Cooper S and the 172 Cup (and the VTS for that matter - remeber the Nuremberg Ring mpeg?) can give the TT a bit of trouble. From memory, I think only the 225 Coupe has the measure of them. What TT do you have?

I aint in any way slating the TT - Id f**kin love one! I just aint got the coinage for one! Ive got a client with a 225 Roadster and the Turbo / Zorst soundz amazing!

i raced a few in my RT and i used to struggel untill i had a stage 1 conversion, now i can keep with them easy and even lose them on the twisties.

Long Live The Mighty RT!!

Hey guys i actualy had a little tustle with a Cooper S tonight- i have always been interested in how quick they are as i thought briefly about getting one before the clio.

Anyway, i am not one to post messages bragging about how i flew passed or ripped such and such a car as some do- but i can honestly say a 172 should not have too much trouble with these in a straight- i constantly had to back off in every gear to stop running into the back of him- however when we came to a large roundabout the mini cornered as if it was on rails- i have never seen a car corner so fast! However, off we went again and when the guy eventualy pulled into the inside lane i past him with ease- ended up about 5 miles from where i intended on going- but it was worth it as the guy gave me a friendly wave and thumbs up. ;)

I have never driven a TT myself, but i wouldnt be atall surprised if one of these cooper ss managed to stay with you in the twisties, as i am sure a well driven one could outrun a 172 on backroads.

It could have well been me Dave but I dont recall chasing a TT on purpose. I am not really into sitting on peoples bumpers. My mate has a TT 225bhp and we often go for a blast out through Dronfield and toward Fox House etc. I am a big fan of the TT and that is the car that I would have gone for if I had the cash at the time but I didnt so I went for a Cooper instead as I was only 21 but have now upgraded to the Cooper S. Some nice roads up there and we have had some good friendly battles. I left a Silver 172 going up Ford hill a few weeks ago (Towards Eckington/Marsh Lane) on that steep hill with some tight bends in it. I was hitting 70 by the top though and wasnt enjoying the adverse camber action. Also I put a good distance between a black 172 on the road which runs from the bottom of Eckington towards renishaw past the golf course. A longish stretch with one critical bend in it which if taken at maxium speed which for me is about 90 you can be seeing about 110 before you have to seriousley start braking for the chicane around the golf course where it drops into a 30. Then the 172 came flying past me in a 30 zone.........worth it!!!!!

Rockport said he had trouble with one until he was in the higher gears... but then he was gaining on him and the S had to play Breaking games! ;)
  ST 225, PH1 172

Well Cooper S has 163bhp dont it? RT lucky to get 90bhp?

Just find it hard to believe a RT can leave a Cooper S, I own an RT and know mine wouldnt stand a chance against it.
  ST 225, PH1 172

The only way I can think he would beat a cooper s is if its a GTT conversion.

RT Fanatic, wanna enlighten us?

no serious guys,

stage one kit that i got mail order from max power, the car is just lighting now! i have got a Jap style wide scoop Bad boy front bumper that draws air in the inlet,

its a real beast with the stage 1 mods - chip de-cat induction kit.

A mate has got a JDM early style CTR and its very close. Another mate has got a Integra Type R with the Jackson s/c conversion and with the tegs handeling its close.

you just cant beat the RT!
  ST 225, PH1 172


According to what RT fanatic posted there, just got twin webbers, induction and choke lever???

Id like to see any RT do 0-60 in sub 7 seconds, if he can keep up with a CTR and ITR thats what it must be doing. Id expect it to do 0-60 in 9 seconds at best.

I like my RT, its great, but its never ever gonna keep up with a CTR, itll do 0-60 in 10 seconds on a good day, in other words, I dont believe RT_fanatic!