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Could this be?

Possibly warped brembo max discs that have been on 182 for just over a year and done approx 6k.
Rumbling noise when braking but no shaking through steering,alittle in pedals,noise mainly.
Had it jacked up today and does feel slightly warped,more so on o/s.
No track use and no I ain't heavy on the brakes.
Gonna give the brakes a good clean and grease to see if this sorts them out abit but if there warped there warped I know that.
Any thoughts?
That's not good,obviously not up to the job.I would have probably better off leaving my oe discs on.
I've still got them,if they have warped I'll be putting them back on and contacting brembo I think.
We supply brembos and they will take them back and test them. Its next to never the discs at fault but normally the fitting of them a rep told me