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Creaking when initially braking/accelerating???!!!!

  Clio 182FF
Hi guys.
Recently noticed a noise from my 182 when braking and then when pulling away again. Its almost like the noise brakes make when the pads get stuck to the discs after you've washed it or haven't driven your car for a while. When i pull away its makes this creaking noise about 2 times (clack clack) and then when braking it does it again 2-3 times (clack clack clack) but then it stops. If i brake really gently and the same pulling away then no noise. I've had it up on a ramp today at a mates garage and calipers seem fine along with discs and pads with everything tight.:S
I'm wondering if this could be a ball joint thats seizing up or has become dry???
If so whats the most likely location?? It def sounds like its drivers front.:rolleyes:
Mechanic said it could be this or top mount going. He reckons it sounds like dry suspension just creaking and will be fine.
Any ideas please guys as the noise is really annoying and i'd like to get it sorted.:mad:
Many thanks..
  Clio Sport 172
I have the same problem. It's driving me nuts. Did you figure out what the cause was?
Sounds like it could be your anti roll bar bushes. Mine started creaking around the 40k mark when pulling away and braking as you describe
  Fiesta ST-2
About £40 for the poly bush kit outer and inner from Kam racing and a mechanic I know charged me £20 to fit.
  Clio 182FF
Ah i'm glad someone got this sussed finally as mines still doing it. I'll get the anti-roll bar bushes changed then and fingers crossed mine will be sorted too. Cheers guys.