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Cup in Taunton, Valver A303 and major Evo crash

R10 CUP I think, spotted in Taunton about 4:45pm this afternoon, probably couldn't have missed us as we were in a Ph1 172 / 172 Cup / 1.8 16V / Williams convoy! Then a Naples Valver motoring on the A303 about 5:30pm.

That was then followed up by two Evos (8 I think) on the A36 Warminster Services roundabout at 5:45pm, one looked as though it had run out of talent on the roundabout and put it straight into a ditch arse first, looked pretty wrecked but driver was ok, another Evo (and the police) parked up next to it.
  172cup/BMW 320 coupe
ukaskew i have seen the cup (R10CUP) in heron drive, i go to college at SCAT and see it there quite regually, not sure if the owner is a member!


ClioSport Club Member
i was next to him at the roundabout...i looked over..would have dropped my window and passed a flyer but my passenger window wasen't working until today when i fitted a new

had a crappy number plate surround on it to....
Yeah i have seen that R10 CUP about alot in taunton, coz i went to SCAT last year aswell, and worked in taunton!!