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Cup Spoiler, or V6?


  RS Clio 172
how much? where from? which to go for? easy to fit?

Step mum reversed into the clio earlier. rear end needs a bit of spraying, nothing major but might as well get a spoiler done at the same time as well as bullets.

advice please :D
Not with the Audi??!!

Leave that spoiler on!!

Theyre both £200ish from Renault. I think it looks good as it is, dont spoil it!

Oh and I'll put it in the right section for you! Damn n00b!


  RS Clio 172
clio discussion is the right section you yellow bumper falling asleep prick. lol.

£200?? hmmm.... maybe a pass. that's carbon money!!
  Burgandy 174 sport t
v6 all the way!!