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Cup Upgade ECU

Excellent news the Cup upgrade ECU is out now!!

The chip gives approx is out!!! 5% power increase, slightly improves 0-60 and top end speed, but the biggest increase is in low-mid torque and driveabilty. The cost of this is £195+vat and it does not affect your warranty - available soon from your dealership or now from R-Sport ,tel- 0208 5407366



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probably cause the dont really do anything .. damn 5% for £230 whoopeedo.

worth the wait.. nah..

Hope the suspension and brakes are a little better than this ..

Takes output up to 180, that sounds like the pug 206 GTI 180, wonder what difference there is between the two engines?

Only reason i say that is cause Ben R was saying the two look very much the same? mmmmm

he just said he prefered the drivability of the std 172 clio over the cup and was trying to improve it.

Something about the suspension being too stiff and affecting braking in the cup

I will be having it installed as soon as I get the Konig seats fitted, the only reason being that i like the reasurance of still having the renault warranty behind me if the engine or anything goes pop

5% isnt that much is it? My Dastek gave better results than that although it was twice the price to have installed and fitted...

I only held off on the Dastek after thinking that this was coming out yet am glad I bit the bullet now.

Guess well only truely now if its any good when someone plonks thier Cup on the rollers after having it installed...

Hang on am I going mad here? Renaultsport (part of Renault?) will sell you a chip for there car, for £230, and then say it invalidates the warranty? they make the car and chip:mad:, so there saying its dangerous to the engine then?

Ill be getting the Dastek. The mini works kit took less time develop and theyve done more, what the hell have Rsport been playing at?

it aint Renault-sport making the ecu its a company called R-Sport and it ISNT HASNT had renault approval it needs to meet certain criteria, no 1 being reliabilty, so your warranty wont remain. Renault did commision R-sport to make an Ecu upgrade but havent approved it. Ring them up and ask .

R-sport and renaultsport are two different companies. R-sport were comissioned by Renault UK to make the upgrades for the cup (I dont know if it will effect the warranty on a 172) Hope that clears a few things up:)

there not affiliated with renault in any way. Its not like Alpine for BMW. i dont know why they didnt just do it through Renault sport which has F1 experience not some garage in London?

Id like a Renault sport mod fitted thanks

they guy kept saying hell have to go back to the drawing board. I dont think they have the resources of Renault Sport, and such mods shouldnt just be set up on some rollers.

R Sport was previously known as Radbourne Racing, used to be importers of the rarer Renault models and later on did some tuning.
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stop picking the skin off your cuticles..

sorry i came over all girly there..

180bhp - SAME as the cup racer - its the same ECU they use - stick a 6 speed sequential in and whey hey! They only hit 60 in 6secs so i imagine with this remap in so will our road cups and thats not bad going - the french site Lefjie has a remap combin3ed with filter which sees 185BHP for about 220EUros - alot cheaper than R_SPOrt - may have to get this instead and they are french so loads of experience - they also have a 200BHP conversion like LADs for 4000 EUROS !!! a little bit steep me thinks! Anyway if the increases in mid range torque are significant - I imagine they are coz at the end of the day the chip is being developed for the track or serious grp N competition then thats where the benefits are needed - mid range - noone cares about 0-60 it scomin out of the bends and high revs that matter! BTW anyone who ghas chipped theyre car other ways will find the same small 5% increasde - anyone who claims more than 10BHP from a remap/chip is seriously fooling them,selves! Aint gonna happen !

Guys...........R-Sport is independent - Renault Sport the guys who make the 172, Cup , Spider and V6 are in france ...........stop deluding yourselves - these guys are not the official upgrade people - Renault Sport is and Id asvice everyone to wait patiently for OFFICIAL upgrades from the people who make the damn cars! R-Sport did not build my cup ! Renault sport did.............

Renault built your car not renaultsport. Renaultsport is the sporting division of renault, concentrating on F1, Clio cup racing, single seaters, rallying and V6 racers. They supply race ready clios (at a cost!!) The clio cup race cars are built there (Alpine factory in Dieppe) But these run on a Magneti Marrelli electronic management system that is not compatible with your road car - unless you spend a small fortune!!! Sorry:cry:. R-sports are the official Manufacturers of the renault approved upgrades.
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Ok just for the record:

The item in question is NOT a chip - its an ECU. It REPLACES the one thats on the Cup.
The ECU gives a 5% increase in torque across the whole rev range which equates to mailto:181bhp@6250rpm">181bhp@6250rpm.
The ECU IS warranty approved.
The ECU does NOT fit the normal 172, just the Cup. A 172 ECU is in the pipeline.
The Group N ECU is just a name for it. Since the Cup is not yet homologated into Group N rallying (to my knowledge), there cannot be an actual Group N ECU yet.
5% increase in torque is quite a lot. What did you really expect? 50%? If you are after >200bhp then you need to do what BenR suggests and get some throttle bodies. Youre not gonna get a miracle for £200.00!
5% becomes more significant the more you rev - so dont be suprised to see the car pulling harder at 6000rpm.
Mines going in for the work on friday. Ill post a full review when Ive driven it for a while.


ill be surpeised if you even resgister a few bhp ATW, its more about an increase in drivability, power gains a neglegable.....
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My Group N ecu is the ECU used on the group N rally clios apparently. Allows revving to 7800 rpm on the rev counter and chews up fuel. Thats why its not in my car anymore! its to be used in conjunction with the group N exhaust, the lightening and suspension mods as per group N requirements. No other engine work is allowed in Group N other than ECU and exhaust (not sure about air filter tho...)