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Dash Lighting - Am I Crazy

  RS Clio 200
OK, i have a huge supply of Blue LED's and some good soldering skills and i have come up with a plan.

Convert the dash lighting from red to blue - when i say this, i mean, dials, dash clock/radio display, aircon, radio unit.

Cheap mod to do, although it might take a while.

  Audi TT 225
Like so...



you need SMD's but one or two LED's can be used
  Clio DCi 65

i want that in my clio lol!!

Orange is minging!

RichMCC, you do those urself or u go sumwhere in dif?
  Clio DCi 65
lol matta,

il av a look at that tutorial now,

i aint got a solder and i nearly screwed up chippin my old xbox using the solderless chip lol!!

id rather just pay sum1 to do it 4 me!!
  Polo + Micra
looks like you could of done with some wider angle leds in your clock but other than that top job
  Clio DCi 65
is there anywhere i can go to do this in c'diff area? near cwbridge!

dnt mind paying a lil bit,

get my student access fund tomorrow!!!

£90 of sheer waste lol
  Polo + Micra
lol RichMcc doesn't seem to far from you

sure he'll do it if you cross his palm with silver
  Clio DCi 65
lol yeh,

just dropped him a pm!

i wanna do couple mods to my clio,

i was thinkin of a yellow front badge, then yellow leds and some led brake pads?!!!

Unsure of costs but i have my visions!
  RS Clio 200
Nice Rich- how long did that take you in all?
I see the radio is done, did you do the aircon too?
and am i right in thinkin you dont the lecy window buttons too?
  Audi TT 225
Problem is I really don't like doing stuff like this to other peoples cars for a few reasons.
LED's/SMD's can blow or just die after time and in my last car I had one switch that just kept frying LED's for no reason. So if I did this to your car and something goes pop then you would probably bring it back complaining and I'd have to take it all apart again etc etc.
Also I dont want to take responsibility for breaking something which is quite easy to do when taking bits off and taking components appart.

Its not hard to do, few hours work but the worst is getting everything out of the car, its a real arse.

Just a workd of warning you're working with tiny components and in some cases it requires some custom wiring so it does take some skill to do correctly. One mistake or accident and your dials could be worthless!

I also need to buy new soldering heads because my smallest ones not so small any more.

Part 1 of the tutorial can be found >here<