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Decent seat covers (172 Cup)

My front Cup seats are looking a bit shabby (ok, only a tiny bit, but they clearly arent built for wear, my Dynamique seats looked 10 times better after 4 times as many miles)

I just want some covers that fit nicely and dont look completely crap, but most Ive seen so far have been a bit iffy. Just for the winter months really when they may be exposed to the elements a bit more.

Quote: Originally posted by Black Gold 182 on 30 August 2005

have you got side airbags!!!
Not on a cup matey.

I wouldnt bother with the snap on ones if you like to drive the car as youll be sliding all over the place, i have one i put over my drivers seat when ive been working on the car or washing it etc.

I think I will hold off and just carry on saving for some Corbeaus, still havent seen any covers that seem particuarly decent.
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