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definetly the Clio 1.6 16v

This thread is related to the post I read about someone wanting to buy either the 206GTi or the 1.6 16v Clio!!!

Well fcuk me, the 1.6 16v anyday,
the 0-60 is quite good as standard at 9.5secs, but can be modified to 8.5 the same as the GTi. ie, induction, zorst, ecu chipping, porting and polishing, vernier pulley, aftermarket cams etc!!!

So why buy the GTi when you can get similar performance from the 1.6 16v, and if my 1.4 can keep up with the GTi, well just think what the 1.6 can do!!!! (whoop it me thinks LOL)
Definetly go for the CLio, it looks better too, only t***s drive the 206!!!

If it wasnt for insurance, I would def get the 1.6 16v!!!!!!!

Peugeot GTIs look drag,
The 106 just looks as dull as Pauline Fowler naked!!!!
The 206, well thats not all that fast

So these anyone who owns one of these must not have a Renault dealer nearby!!
or are just complete t***s!!!!!!!

I dont understand how CLio owners can suggest to buy the 206 GTi, are you lot t***s or what? this is a clio site, not Pug forum, so why advise someone to buy a PUG?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fact is if i were considering between 206 gti and 1.6 16v clio id choose the 206 gti every time

the way you say to mod the clio to go as fast a gti is a very valid argument and its a route i have taken with my valver but were talking about buying a brand new car outright so why not get the gti, faster and is a good looker just shame it sits on stilts., do them same mods to the gti and its bye bye clio again 1.6 just cant live with a 2.0 litre

if you read the post properely i suggested to him to get a 172 anyway. camd up chiped and ported head ect ect ect. fast out of the box and def a 1.6 cant keep up


um 2 fast,
the amount you would spend doin up the 1.6 would kinda pay for the extra cost of the GTi and insurace!! (that is if you want to pay enough so it can keep up with the GTi). Even if you did that, the GTi would handle better standard than a 1.6! the pug has better chassis dynamics than the 172 already (get ready for gun fire ) but its a fact of life, peugeot make shockingly good chassis!!!!

and stop qouting mods if you dont know what entailed, go read up first. A vernier pulley will not give you more power and aint a mod!! you can dot he same with a standard pulley that you can with a 200 quid one!! just remove the woodruff key!!!

to add to Bens "just remove the woodruff key"

absolutely !.. just remove the woodruff key or pin dowel, turn the pully apx 180 degrees, time, redrill for a new pin dowel (from a ford or similar offset dowel kit)... remark timing marks..

there ya go.. adjustable cam timing..

re the 206 gti.. personally, if I was in the market for the 16v ren or the pug.. I owuld go for the pug too.



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Err, these are the stats for a 206 GTi...

Power - 138bhp @ 6000rpm
Torque - 140lb/ft @ 4100rpm
Weight - 1028kg
0-60 - 7.4secs
0-100 - 21.9secs

And the Clio 1.6 16v is...

Power - 110bhp @ 5750rpm
Torque - 109lb/ft @ 3750rpm
Weight - ?kg
0-60 - 9.6secs
0-100 - ?secs

The Clio 1.6 16v is quite quick, but get real!
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...the pug has better chassis dynamics than the 172 already (get ready for gun fire ) but its a fact of life, peugeot make shockingly good chassis

I thought that the 206 had a horrible chassis and gearbox, never driven one but thats what I always read about the 206GTI. The main reasons for it not being as good a car as the 205.

If I had the choice I wouldnt get either. For that money I would get a seat Ibiza Cupra (import £9500 - if they still do them) not the greatest of cars (like the 206 git) but looks great.

the cupra iis nice lookin, but your right, an VAG car and poo.

Having driven one, although not as fast outright as a 172 on the road, ona track where tyres would dictate most of the corner speed, the 206 chassis is very comfortable near the limit. whereas the 172 is very flighty and extremely twitch on bumpy surfaces...maybe thats why the 206 is on stilts.

Also, CCC, the only car mag i take seriously, well, classic ford, 2 minimags, practicle classis, race car enginnering and autosport, rated the 206 better than the clio in terms of being less of a hindful at the limit. and mark hayles is a top driver, think tiff needel (who incedentaly used to race for my dads team) good.......


Whats with calling people t***s just cos they drive a pug??? Ever driven the entire range?? Good quick motors.

Please understand that people are different and have different feelings and likings, the world would be such a dull place if we were all the same
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"twoslow4u" is just here to wind everyone up. Everything he/she says is complete rubbish and quite frankly not worth reading. Are you bored or something? theres lots of porn sites that give you better stimulation than winding up decent people. We all know you are talking out of your ass, so p!$$ off before you get toasted..

I think the Pug 106 GTi looks quite nice. Id have one... oh, and they move, quickly...

One thread on here says a GTi would be able to keep up with a 172, another says a 1.6 16v can beat it... I dont understand?