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Dension Ice>Link (soon to be walkthrough)

Tonight i decided to take the plunge and order a Dension Ice>Link. I opted for the cable as opposed to the dock as i want to feed the cable through one of the holes in the glovebox. Has anyone ever installed one of these and could possibly guide me as ive never really done any kind of car electronics although im not a technophobe. Im quite good with electronics but im not so good with car electronics.

Even if no one has done this. can i get tips on how to disconnect the battery, take out the stereo (will wooden skewers do?) and also how easy itll be to feed things round the back of the console.
  Clio 1.6 16v 2003

get a metal coathanger for the stereo, cut and bend it

easy to get a cable round, i have one for my alpine HU, the joy of no cds is worth any price..

Hi Andy, its so easy to fit, personally I didnt disconnect the battery, all I did was whip the HU unit out, connect the different parts of the cable together and feed it through a hole in the glovebox. There is only one hole that it will fit in on the back of the HU, then slide the HU back in to place and connect your iPod up and voila! You now have 1,000s of MP3s at your disposal.

Enjoy :D

Im looking forawrd to it very much but the delivery times seem to be a bit long. At first it said delivery will be usually withint 7-10 working days (a bit long but i suppose its not too bad) then i got my confirmation e-mail saying that ill get a dispatch confirmation e-mail when its been dispatched (usualyl in 7-10 working days). So that means that it might be 20 days from my order that i recieve it. Thats 1/18 of a year!

I did mine and had some issues with the firmware so it is worth doing a search on the web and getting the new one (apologies im at work and the links to it all are at home, if you have problems with it though, get back to me and ill try and dig it out for you).

Other than that, just remember to either disconnect the battery or take the power out of your head unit, and before you do that make sure youve got the correct radio code!

I cut a tiny hole next to the light in the glove box, take the plastic light bit out, and cut a slot next to it about 2-3 mm square, put light bit back - sorted and tidy.

When you are sliding all the stuff in behind the head unit i found that you could tuck it all (connects 2 box and all the wires) between the H/U and the glove box, there seems to be a fair bit of space there. Its even easier if you pop out the bit above the H/U with the hazards in. Just firmly press forward and it should pop out. Then when you have got the H/U and all wires in it just pops back in.

Have you gone for the ice>link or ice>link plus?

Ive gone for the Ice>Link Plus. I think there are already suitable holes in my glovebox (maybe where your light is i have a hole as i do not have a light). I think ill just go for the disconnecting the radio method but where will i be able to find out my HU code? Im guessing in the handbook for the radio. Ill post up a full walkthrough once im done and maybe a mod could sticky it.

Quote: where will i be able to find out my HU code?

it was in the front of one of my handbooks, watch out for dodgy print, as in mine it looked like a 8 but was actually a 6, had me worried for a bit until i worked it out!

well that was incredibly easy. I had to call up Renault for the radio code but they wanted me to go in with my V5 form so i decided just to chance it and i leave the HU plugged in. I had to rest it on the gearstick but it was fine electrically. The tip about removing the hazard/lock/heating bezel was a great help. Allows a lot more light into the area. I used the hole at the very bottom of the glovebox and its all now nicley installed.