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Detailed track car


ClioSport Club Member
Got my DAS 6 Pro last week with some Meguirs 105 and 205 with hexlogix orange and white pads, so I decided to test it out on the track car first as it had lots of surface scratches and swirls.
Really pleased with the results looks like a different car now.
I washed and clayed it on Wednesday so the car was ready to start today, I have removed the rear bumper strip and exhaust surrounds as they were going grey so I have painted them satin black today and they will be going on tomorrow.





and a few reflection shots

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  AAS'D RB 182
It's on standard cup shocks with cooksport springs[/QUOTE]

well im on 15" pro race and putting new shockers on so was either thinking eibachs or cooksports just dont no what to do as there is very mixed reports on the cooksports. But they give a better drop that eibach. How are you getting on with them? Do you just use it on track


ClioSport Club Member
TBH mate I have not really driven it much as I have been finishing it of, but for the time I have driven it they seem fine to me (but I also have PMS solid top mounts and strut brace)

The car will be mainly for track but will se the odd Sunday blast
  AAS'D RB 182
It is worth trying the Cooksports as if you don't like them they seem to sell for good money secondhand so you would not lose much on them.
Yeah that's true I suppose. Just don't want to mess about changing springs. Just don't want them to disappoint